Guitar World Acoustic Magazine Back Issue - June/July 2005First Stringer

On The Rise

       Pat Guadagno

ALBUM - Live at the City Lights Saloon - ( Campbell Music)

 SOUND - Guadagno Lends his robust voice and rapid  fire  picking to unique covers of  songs by  John Hiatt, Bob Dylan and others.

 HOMETOWN - Matawan , NJ

 HISTORY - A self proclaimed “Saloon Singer” who chose Rock and Roll over a promising career in the cement business . Why ? “out of an abiding love for music and diner food” .

 GEAR - Takamine Santa Fe Acoustic / Electric : LRBaggs Para Acoustic DI : D’Addario  Phosphor Bronze Medium Gauge strings : Spectraflex braided Cables ; Dunlop Picks

 QUOTE - “There are a ton of great songs out there that need to be heard. My job is to play them”