Local Artist CD Review by Brian Kirk

        I asked the guys from Night and Day Magazine to let me write a CD review of Pat Guadagno Live at the City Lights Saloon because its the best thing that I've heard in years. The last time I was moved by music was Counting Crows "August and everything After . " 10 Years later that CD is still in my disc changer and 10 years from now so will "Live at the City Lights Saloon"

     As Pat tells it , "Countless failed attempts to document the saloon singer in the tumult of his natural environment spawned the idea to recreate it in a state-of-the-art recording studio. Remove the hockey game, cash resisters, the breaking glass, and the people who applaud breaking glass. Call a few good friends; throw in some excellent wine, a case of Beckís Dark, a cheesecake, toss in a few cannoliís and an extremely pregnant couple from Brooklyn and we were able to create" Live at the City Lights Saloon" Recorded at City Lights Studios in Farmingdale NJ on May 7th 2003.

         When you hear this you will want to share with others that morsel of pride that comes when you've discovered a gem. This CD is that good ! Listen to his voice on "Bus Stop" and tell me this is not one of the Great vocal performances on record. Listen to the drive, the feel of " Chase the Buffalo. "Listen to the ache and sorrow of  "Three Verses of Dixie " Hell listen to it all and try to tell me these songs, this voice will not stay with you long after you've stopped playing them. if you don't agree I'll buy it back from you. If you can't afford it I'll buy one for you. Either way get it ! You'll be thankful you did.

Brian Kirk at www.Jirks.com

As a musician this is intimidating stuff. I think.......Who does this ? Who records songs like this in one take with such consistency and passion? Pat Guadagno does. My envy is equaled only to my pride that this guy belongs to us. He has been playing Saloons around the shore for years. Live at City Lights will make you wonder why he isn't a National star and selfishly thankful he's not. . The beauty of this recording compels you the first time you hear it. It seeps down deep and awakens that part of you that's gone dormant, waiting for music this good.