You know I hope someday soon the record industry wakes up and decides to start signing artists based on talent instead of marketability and hype.  And the very first signing should be Pat Guadagno.
           Pat was nothing short of spectacular at 
"The Second Annual Twilight Concert to  Benefit Children With AIDS," held at Saint George's by the River Church in Rumson. And if there is a more talented singer/guitarist/interpreter of song than Pat Guadagno, I haven't heard them yet.

         Yes.  It's true that the Zeke Moffit Trio got things off on the right foot with homespun ditties like, "Sitting On A Porch" (a crowd fave) and "Cocktail Conroy" (trio's best), followed by Pam McCoy, Lew Longo and Scott Payden, better known as Triple Sec, who loosened things up with free and easy renderings of Stevie Ray's "Tick Tock' (great harmonies) and 'Shaky Flat Blues" (show stopper).


            However, while Maureen McCrink, accompanied by Ray Johnson (acoustic g.) was golden with terrific renditions of George Severini's "Threads" and "Suns Gonna Stand Still" and the classic,' Somewhere Over The Rainbow' and Nashville’s Dan Petraitis was a fine addition with outstanding efforts on 'Bo James" (Dan & Pat a natural )  "A Great Awakening' (big crowd, fave) and 'Life Ain't About A Destination' (Dan's best), this night truly belonged to Pat Guadagno.

     From his opening number, “Twilight” (a perfect vocal), right on through "Chase The Buffalo' (killer tune ), "Michael  Smiths "The Dutchman” (another gem) and "Sister Clarissa” (masterful finger pickin’ on acoustic g.), 'Love Hurts" and “Love & Mercy” (impressive duets with Maureen), and the crème de la crème with The Candle Brothers, Nanci Griffith's 'Gulf Coast Highway' (unbelievable harmonies), Tom Waits' "Ole' 55" (magical) and 'Full Force Gale' (accapella rendition garnered Pat, Frank & Phil the evenings only Standing O) Pat Guadagno was remarkable.

            Whether performing solo, accompanying other artists or with his Candle Brothers, Pat Guadagno was at the top of his game.  On this night, in this place, for this cause, Pat Guadagno was brilliant! And brilliance doesn’t come this way very often.  And neither does a Pat Guadagno


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