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by JJ Koczan

 ARTS WEEKLY DECEMBER 29, 2004 The Aquarian


Each year, it all comes down to this: The Top 10 lists. The meat and potatoes of music released in the past 12 months. It’s not always easy to narrow it down this way, either because too many albums are good or too many albums suck. In any case, we here at The Aquarian are so confident in our tastes that we feel it’s acceptable, nay, necessary, to fill you in on our picks for 2004. And what a year it was. For me, it was unreal. I started out as a lowly intern; “Metal Boy” as they still call me around the office from time to time. Metal Boy though I may be, I am proud to have since presided over Aquarian issues covering the 2004 Presidential election, and such acclaimed acts as the Beastie Boys, John Mayer, Little Steven, along with the Warped Tour, Hellfest and Ozzfest, all of which were a blast. Sure, I had to talk to Alter Bridge too, but sometimes you just have to take one for the team. This year we saw new albums from legends like Mos Def, U2 and The Cure, but newcomers like Kanye West and Franz Ferdinand also cleaned up when it comes to recognition. 2004, in its end, turned out to be a great mixture of the old and new. The resurgence of rock and roll in the form of emaciated indie rockers and mop-topped emo kids caught on big time, and more and more bands started moving from rented vans to tour buses equipped with Xboxes and minibars. So what does it mean to us, the fans of the people who make all this music? Well, we got another year’s worth of albums out of the deal. There was a lot of crap, but there was a lot of really good music too. The problem I had in picking my list was trying to narrow down which 10 I thought were best. It was, after all, a hell of a year. Whatever your tastes, whether you’re a Metal Skull or a Downbeater, we’re sure you’ll be able to dig some of the stuff on these lists. If nothing else, maybe there’s something here you haven’t heard yet and might want to check out. You’ll definitely want to make sure you’re all caught up before 2005 kicks in and we have to start all over.



BY Chris Barry


1. U2/ How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb / Interscope

2. Eminem/ Encore / Interscope Records

3. Bongo Jones/ Hook To The Head / Marblehead Music

4. Outkast/ Speakerboxx—The Love Below / LaFace Records

5. Green Day/ American Idiot / Reprise Records

6. Pat Guadagno/ Live At The City Lights Saloon /Campbell Music

7. Sex Pistols/ Extended Versions / Collectables

8. Trio Of Madness/ Sednad Va Oyusht /Lump n’ Loaf Records

9. John Mayer/ as is / Aware-Columbia Records

10. Nicki Jaine/ of pigeons and other curiosities / Shaman Records



"A Monster Live Recording"
the Two River Times ARTS WEEKLY DECEMBER 29, 2004