by Uncle Mike 
OK. Next stop was Cheers in Long Branch to check out Pat Guadagno (acoustic guitar /Lead vocals) Frank Sabo (acoustic guitar / Vocals) and Phil Red River Rizzo (electric bass/ vocals), better known as The Candle Brothers. Let me tell you right from the start, if you like great music featuring outstanding vocals and sweet harmonies you owe it to yourself to hear these guys. They really are a treat 

Thursday September29, 1994

      What gets me about this trio is the range of emotions expressed through their intricate harmonies.. Not only do they know their craft, but they love it. And it starts with the heart and soul of the group, Pat Guadagno. Now while Pat is a terrific singer/songwriter in his own right, once he puts his voice to someone else's song, its his. His vocal interpretations of other artists work is part of his musical genius. And its reflected throughout the trios performance. When The Candle Brothers sing a song it becomes a new song. They are one of the few groups that can accomplish this time and time again. For me it is a pure joy, just to sit and listen.
          On this particular night there wasn't one clunker in the 19 songs I heard them perform. And the cream of the crop as far as Pat's lead vocals and the guys' harmonies include Poco's "Crazy Love," "Two More Bottles of Wine" Tom Waitts' "Ol' 55" J.T.'s "Shower The People" (one of the best), E.J's "Country Comfort" REO's "Take it on the Run" (unbelievable arrangement, ripped it up) and C,S,&N's "Helplessly Hoping" (another Best).
          And then there was the magic...The Candle Brothers played three songs that were simply too good for words. You just had to be there to hear their unique interpretation of Bruce Springsteen's Thunder Road. I have never heard it performed with more soul and emotion. Hands down, it was their best effort of the night. And not far behind was their rendition of Buffalo Springfields "Kind Woman" and a medley of Bruce's "New York City Serenade" and "Incident on 57th Street." Look, every song was special and I'm not kidding when I say if you are a lover of music, you'll love Pat Guadagno and the Candle Brothers. So, some Sunday night give yourself a treat and CHECK THEM OUT !